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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


● Support to the fishermen engaged in fisheries will be increased.

● A mechanism will be developed to reduce hardships of the people engaged in fishing [fishermen, ferry etc.] , difficulties arising from provisions of the Coastal Regulation Zone Act and to deal with issues relating to Coast Guards and other Security / para-military forces . There will arrangement for subsidized diesel, motor and bore to fishermen.

● Assistance to poultry and duck breeding centres will be increased.

● Poultry farming and breeding of ducks will be developed scientifically.

● The large sea coast of Gujarat has got enormous potential for development of fisheries; it will be exploited fully and new fishing harbours shall be built in South Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch areas.

● Financial assistance to the fishermen who uses non-mechanical boats for fishing will be reviewed and enhanced.

● Government will try to develop activities associated with fisheries like cold storages for the preservation of fishes, processing house, transportation for distribution at sales centres etc.

● Priority will be given to the Cooperative societies of the local backward classes for inland fisheries.

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