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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


● There is enormous potential to develop coastal tourism as the state has long coastline. These opportunities will be exploited fully. There are also plenty of opportunities to develop tourism in the eastern belt of the state. This will also be developed.

● The large dams in the state will be developed as the tourist spots and facilities will be provided accordingly.

● A ferry service will be started to connect Maharashtra through sea route.

● Special training will be provided to the educated unemployed to develop tourism activities and loan – subsidies will be given to them to arrange package tours.

● Pilgrimage places will be given due importance in maintenance of cleanliness, lodging and boarding. Devotees shall be provided best of the facilities by adequately developing the infrastructure. An amount of
Rs.200 crore would be allocated for this purpose rather than spending it on celebrity endorsement.

● Tourist places like Dang District, Kutch and other ancient / heritage sites of Gujarat would be properly developed. Similarly, Gujarat's famous cultural activities like Rass and Garbas, Tribal Dances and Dairas shall be encouraged.

● Handloom, Handicraft and such artisan
activities shall be boosted.

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