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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


BJP government is fooling people in the name of 'Vibrant Summits'. Government showcases MOUs worth billions but in reality nothing materialises. In the recent years, states which were previously far behind Gujarat have attracted more investment than Gujarat. There is nothing for Gujarat to feel happy about. It is a myth that the vibrant summits have brought more investment in Gujarat. In such Vibrant 'stunts' there are MOUs of billions but only 13 % of them have materialised. This is a cold fact.

The small and medium industries are in precarious condition under BJP rule. Thousands of industries have shut down. Thousands have become unemployed. BJP Government has not taken any step for reopening of these industries. Comprehensive evaluation shows that BJP Government has failed in Industrial development.

● The existing regime has not implemented any clear, integrated and balanced industrial policy. There are hollow claims of investment of billions of rupees coming to Gujarat.

● A clear policy will be developed for proper, integrated and balanced industrial
development, where there will be balance, cooperation and the complement of each other between large, small, medium and home industries and also employment will be generated maintaining the regional balance.

● Khadi Gramodyog will be developed to promote Khadi.

● Manavadar will be granted special status as a cotton export centre and Talala as Kesar Mango export centre.

● Industries should be managed as per their potential and transportation needs, after studying their impact on environment.

● Interests of the farmers will be protected in cases where industrialists purchase land for SEZ.

● Industrial Rehabilitation Board will be established to create employment and to use the assets of sick industries for the productive purposes.

● There will be strict implementation of the rule to give 85% employment to local residents.

● The Handloom Corporation for the weavers and the Leather Industry Corporation- Board for the tanners will be revived. Vocational training and employment will be given. The Scavenger board and Most Backward Board will be given more power by allocating more funds to them.

● The situation of different statutory corporations in the state will be reviewed to make them stronger and more efficient.

● The traditional and handicraft industries will be promoted.

●A Bio Diesel Bank will be created to utilise waste land for the production of bio diesel.

● The diamond industry is developing rapidly in the state, so more diamond parks will be developed. Diamond Development Board will be constituted to develop diamond industry.

● Ship breaking industry has collapsed during BJP Government rule. It will be revived and placed on strong foundations.

● To achieve Industrial and Agricultural development and to provide employment, Congress will focus on infrastructural development and strive to take infrastructural development index much higher as compared
to other states.

● Special Economic Zone will be made operational to create 100% export oriented units, New Nodal Agency will be set up to provide marketing help including regulation of supply to Government Departments and public sector, small and micro entrepreneurs and small scale industries. Related development schemes will be revived.

● Natural oil available to the state will be used for establishing new power generation plants.

● Industries will be encouraged to increase their production. The production capacity which is presently restrained by the GPCB will be allowed to be increased on the basis of the eligibility of a unit.

● Industries will be granted permissions by GPCB to change their products as per the demands in international markets without delay.

● Congress had set up Industrial Estates at various places in the State during its regime. With passing years, problems have come up in these estates. A comprehensive study will be carried out related to all these problems and an integrated policy will be prepared and implemented.

● Many discrepancies have crept up because of lack of comprehensive policy regarding use of electricity and Gas as a fuel for industrial purpose. All these discrepancies will be resolved and a comprehensive integrated policy will be decided in this matter.

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