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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


During the BJP rule, condition of the administration and overall law and order situation has deteriorated.

Intentionally, huge numbers of posts in the administration are kept vacant resulting in unforgivable delay in carrying out people's problems and even routine work suffers because of lack of staff. Moreover, the present BJP government remains busy in politically motivated 'festivals' and 'celebrations', thus wasting  at least  hundred  days  a  year for such unproductive  activities  undertaken  only  to  garner publicity for  the CM  at  public  cost. It  will  be  the endeavour of the Congress to solve this problem and shall stop  the  misuse  of Administrative  machinery which will  be strictly  used  only for welfare  of the people as envisaged under our constitution.

● It will be a policy to recruit new staff on full wages.

● Adequate police and security personnel will be recruited with full salary to make Gujarat, a border state, safer.

● Posts which have remained vacant for years shall be field up in a time bound manner so that Government, Semi Government and such other institutions could work efficiently.

● benefits of the Sixth Pay Commission as per the norms of the Central Government shall be extended to State Government employees.

● There are discrepancies in the salary scales of state  government  employees since  2001. A high  level  committee  will  be  formed  to remove these  anomalies. Representatives of employees will be included in the committee.

● All  the  62,000  vacant  posts  and  the  huge number of backlog vacancies shall be field up within one year.

● The  policy  of  providing  employment  on compassionate grounds shall be reintroduced in government and all government controlled bodies.

● We will complete the process of implementing the Gujarat High Court order regarding employees with fixed salaries.

● The problems of the government employees will be resolved by holding a meeting of the recognised  bodies  of  employees  with  the Chief Minister at least once every year.

● The gates of the Secretariat will be permanently open for public.

● Administrative  set  up  will  be  made  more effective for better utilisation of the RTI Act. Each region will have Information Commissione r and mor e than 10 commissioners will be appointed to deal with RTI matters which will be settled within 100 days.

● For the employees and officers of the state, 'Public  Accountability  Act'  will  be  enacted and implemented.

● Details like Government reports, documents presented  before  the  Legislative  Assembly including questions tabled before the Assembly  and  their  replies,  Bills,  annual reports  of  the  public  enterprises,  budget  of local  self  government  bodies,  proceedings and resolutions will be made public in print at reasonable  cost  and  shall  also  be  made available online.

● Former MLAs will be provided facilities for maintaining their dignity and honour.

● Justice delayed is justice denied. Immediate action will be initiated to fill up all vacancies in all courts for the speedy disposal of pending cases.

● The claims under 'The Right to Forest Land' Act shall be settled within six months.

● Right  to  Education  will  be  implemented  in letter and spirit.

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